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Life of the Party-Anton LaVey

Posted in Gentlemen by acidsquid on January 22, 2010

Know this guy?  Yep, the good ol’ Anton LaVey (b. 1930-d.1997), founder of The Church of Satan formed in 1966.  You remember, when back in the day Satanism just meant you possibly had a couple of screws loose and or you were simply into performing bizarre rituals which required groups of naked females?  Not a bad gig if you ask me, I can deal with a little ridicule in exchange for a lot of a good time.

But, as we all know, a good thing can’t last.  Kids these days go ahead to make it their job to fuck everything up for the rest of the party.  Killing their parents, spray painting pentagrams on churches, hanging cats, but more importantly, dressing like a bunch of complete bozos.

It’s a shame those “more simple” days are no longer.  Get a sheet of acid, roll a couple of pinner joints, take your clothes off, act a little silly, pour a little hot wax on your nipples, just a grand old time with a bunch of responsible consenting adults.  I don’t know, maybe there will be a renaissance…or maybe I’m just a dreamer.

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