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Stand Up

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For Immediate Release!

Posted in toys & art by acidsquid on December 29, 2007

Beginning January 1st, 2008, Super7 will begin exclusive distribution of it’s own created product (Ghost Land, etc.) as well as key Japanese toy companies to select partner stores across the United States and abroad. From Japan, Super7 will be bringing many of their long-term partner and collaborative Japanese companies for wider distribution, including: Secret Base, Gargamel, RealxHead, Rumble Monsters, Cronic, Skull Toys, Anraku Ansaku, Buster Call, Pop Soda and Ichiban-boshi. With this agreement, distribution partners will now be able to release each toy release domestically at the same exact time that these figures are released in Japan, therefore granting collectors and fans greater access than ever before to these exciting figures. Super7 distribution partner stores were chosen with careful consideration to their understanding and dedication to promoting Japanese vinyl toy companies and Super7 over the years, as well as being owned and run by toy enthusiasts with discerning taste and style. Partner stores are: Rotofugi (Chicago), Toy Tokyo (NYC), Giant Robot (LA, SL, SF, NY), Ultra Pop (KY), WTHN (PA) and Lulubell (AZ). We look forward to working with these stores to bringing great toys to collectors in the new year!-Your friends at Super7

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Sunny Day Real Estate on Jon Stewart

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You gotta love Youtube.

The gods must be looking down on us…

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Old Mos Def Jordan Shit

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Shout Out 2Dope

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This is my cat.

The hard on that can drive itself.

Posted in design, gear by acidsquid on December 10, 2007

So BMW has created a 330i which can drive itself.  Yes, drive itself.  It uses a military grade GPS system which programs itself after one lap on the track.  So, eat a dick Lexus, with your self parking senior citizen mobile.  The only thing better than this would be that 24K gold MacBook on the seat next to me, and a trunk full of Secret Base toys.

All we need BMW to do now is create a system that can teach my dick how to suck itself.

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Bounty Hunter Wallet

Posted in gear by acidsquid on December 10, 2007

Sumptin’ for you to put your Jacksons in.

Paulo Diaz Throwback

Posted in moving pictures by acidsquid on December 9, 2007

The Man Who Souled the World

Posted in moving pictures by acidsquid on December 9, 2007

In light of the semi-recent documentary about Steve Rocco, I wanted to share how World Industries touched my family’s life. Back when I was going into my freshman year of high school, Big Brother magazine was always giving away shit so you would subscribe. Anyhow, around that time they were offering a free deck when you paid for your year subscription. Needless to say I was all over that, and quickly send my greenbacks over to Big Brother. Time went by, and eventually I came home from school one day to my horrified grandmother (who I had lived with at the time). My first installment of my subscription to Big Brother had arrived, along with my free board. So your askin’ yourself, “Why was grandma horrified?” Well, much to my excitement it arrived in a huge World Industries box which had the classic Natas graphics printed larger than life on the front side of the box. You know, the Natas graphic of goat Satan, holding a dead priest, a dead baby and shit from rope with a huge pentagram shining down upon it. Grandma was pretty relieved to see there was only a skate deck in the box, but I got this huge speech about how the friendly UPS man was going to think we all praised Satan at our house. Grandma got over it.

Face down, ass up.

Posted in junk by acidsquid on December 9, 2007

My homey Roy posted this pic up on his myspace jawn. Peep the guy sleepin on the floor at the back of the train.

Fuck yo grill son…

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I’m the Doughboy n*gguuh!

Posted in toys & art by acidsquid on December 5, 2007

Illest vinyl toy to date homey!

Steve Haworth and Steven Haworth Jr.

Posted in Uncategorized by acidsquid on December 5, 2007

 So I have been out of the loop for quite some time now. The loop I am speaking of is the body modification loop, which I was a part of for quite a long time. During my long days of piercing and branding that turned into many years, I met a lot of wonderful people. I unfortunately lost touch with a lot of these amazing people over the years. I was reminiscing tonight, and floating around the internet when I found some shocking news. Well, it was shocking news to me, and I’m a little late gettin’ the paper. Anyhow, a friend of mine who had done my subdermal implants about 8 years ago had a heavy loss this year. Steve Haworth, a pioneer of modern body lost  his son Steven Haworth Jr. to a horrible car wreck earlier in April. This kind of stuff always seems to hit home pretty hard, mainly because we spent so much time raising our children around a community of great people who you would generally pass on the street as a social outcast. I have a five year old daughter, and the majority of people she has been raised around stray from what most people call the norm. The tightly woven community of practitioners, and collectors hold a lot of weight on their friends and family and combine the two things as they should never be separate.

I’m not going to ramble on and on about this, I just wanted to touch on the fact that I have met a lot of great people and my heart goes out to them when they lose something so close to them like a child.

Steve, you are always in my thoughts.

R.I.P. Pimp C aka Chad Butler of UGK

Posted in bangers by acidsquid on December 4, 2007

Yep, it’s true…Pimp C aka Chad Butler of UGK was found dead in a LA hotel room at the age of 33.  Details have not been released yet.

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Bounty Hunter X New Era

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Oooh-wee! You gotta love Bounty Hunter, especially in times where most fitteds coming out look like a fuckin’ bag of Skittles. Two colors, and to the point, period.

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Another pat on the back for Philadelphia

Posted in junk by acidsquid on December 2, 2007

So I just recently read a post on Myspace from an anquiatence of mine who was just arrested on his lunch-break this past Friday.  After going to grab a cup of coffee, he came across an old bicycle which he said seemed to be abandoned.  Around here this is actually quite possible.  He claimed to have stopped to inspect the bike, which was followed by him being handcuffed and placed under arrest.  Evidently, this was a “bait bike”, yeah you heard right…a “bait bike”.  Your fucking kidding me right?  Apparently not.

I guess in a city where the murder rate this year has sky rocketed beyond anyone’s comprehension, this is the only thing the cops can think to do on a Friday afternoon.   Now I have no issues with the boys in blue, they really don’t bother me.  But c’mon people, people are being shot everyday, including cops.  We live in one of the most dangerous cities in the world (statsticaly), and this is what we are doing about it.  I love this city, but our priorities are all fucked up.

The moral of this story is, if you see a bike keep walkin’.  But if you have a gun in your pocket, you’ll probably be alright.

Secret Army

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photo courtesy [toybotstudios]

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In a perfect world…

Posted in toys & art by acidsquid on December 2, 2007

This would be sitting in my house, looking down on me from a shelf full of my other plastic little friends.