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Flower & Snake (1974)

Posted in Uncategorized by acidsquid on March 16, 2010

Naomi Tani from the classic 1974 Flower & Snake.

From the liner notes:

Based on the novel by Oniroku Dan, this beautifully lensed film helped usher in the S&M Roman Porno genre in Japan and many numerous sequels and remakes. Flower & Snake ’74 (aka Hana to Hebi) was directed by Masaru Konuma (Wife to be Sacrificed) and boasts an ultra-groovy score by Riichiro Manabe (Godzilla vs. Megalon, Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster).

photo via Harakiri Chamber

New Tokyo Decadence: The Slave

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Above is a still from one of my favorite Japanese films, New Tokyo Decadence: The Slave which was directed by Osamu Sato.  If you are into this type of thing, this movie is amazing.  It was released by one of my favorite studios Pink Eiga  (which translates appropriately to Pink Film).  If you have ever seen the movie The Secretary with James Spader, well trust me when I tell you it doesn’t hold a candle to this film.  This is the ultimate in “secretary” films.

Roman Porno Icon: Naomi Tani

Posted in Uncategorized by acidsquid on November 18, 2009

Best known to most for her roles in some of Japan’s Roman Porno films of the 1970’s, Naomi Tani is one of the original icons best known for the genre.  She appeared in popular Roman Porno titles like “Flower & Snake” 1974, “Wife to be Sacrificed” (1974), and “Tattooed Flower Vase” (1976).

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