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Bachelor #1

Posted in Uncategorized by acidsquid on March 12, 2010

Serial Killer, Rodney Alcala apparently rented a storage locker in Seattle in which he kept dozens of photos of people mostly women.  The picture above is one of those photos, which was kept amongst many other random photos of people within this storage unit.  Honestly this is terribly creepy because among the time he was on his killing spree in the late 70’s he was also a contestant on “The Dating Game” television game show in 1978.  Here’s the kicker…he won.  He was a fairly successful photographer, but is now playing lawyer as he represents himself in a Santa Ana (California) courtroom during the penalty phase of his trial in 2010.  You have to love it how the delusional always insist on representing themselves in court.

Below is the link to the Seattle Times slideshow of the photos found in said locker as well as a clip from his 1978 appearance on the Dating Game: