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Left Out In the Snow

Posted in Uncategorized by acidsquid on February 15, 2010

After we got clobbered by two of the biggest snowstorms in Philadelphia history in less than a weeks time, I have been doing a lot of commuting by foot.  I prefer to ride my bicycle regardless of the temperature, but the amount of ice coating our city’s streets has made this much less of an option.  In my travels around over the past week, I have noticed a sad amount of bicycles that have been left out in the snow, getting covered with the drifts from the plows, some of them you can’t even see other than their seat posts poking up out of the filthy snow piles.  This drives me completely nuts, because there are three gorgeous bikes within two blocks of my apartment which have been- for the lack of a better word- abandoned.  These bikes, for the most part, are in excellent condition, but not for long as they sit outside marinating in the the winter mix of snow and salt.  I feel like there should be some sort of SPCA type of organization that rescues bikes from neglectful owners, and allows less fortunate people to adopt them.