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Michelle Angelo

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Sexploitation icon, Michelle Angelo ooozing sheer sex appeal as usual.  Best known for her active part in 60’s sexploitation cinema as well as her breast size.  She is one of the most photographed women of the 1960’s from Playboy and hundreds of other erotic men’s publications.  When you think vintage skin mags, you should think Michelle Angelo.  I guess all big things do come from Texas.

Vintage Stag

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Tang of the Week

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Tang of the Week

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Australia’s Itty Bitty Titty Commitee

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Wow, just when you thought there was nothing important going on in the world today; Porn in Australia takes another blow from the censors.

The ACB (Australian Classification Board) has put their foot down when it comes to titties.  How so, you ask?  Well, apparently women performing in pornography whom sport an A-Cup size chest are possibly “encouraging” pedophilia.  Talk about grasping for straws.  C’mon people, its 2010!  Are you going to tell me next that our less than fortunate male friends with less than adequate cock size are also promoting pedophila?  As if the demographic of small dicks in the world didn’t have enough to worry about already.

My concern with all of this is that it to me seems unfair that some woman-who is of legal age-can not make money from taking part in the production of pornographic material.  I wonder how the casting calls are going now; “Sorry miss, your breasts are far too small, and we feel you may cause some men to want to go out and molest children”.  Talk about awkward, and talk about giving a girl a complex.  Also, think about the stigma this puts on gentleman whose sexual partner might be part of this group of tiny titty females.  I know a few guys with girlfriends who sport breasts of the smaller persuasion, and I can’t imagine any of these guys looking down at their lady friend and thinking, “God, I really wish you were 14 years old”.  How about this…let’s say she has great huge nipples?  Hmm?  Can this factor weigh in on the decision as to what may be considered decent?

Regardless, I find this whole thing ridiculous.  I always thought of Australia as being somewhat of a progressive place in the world.  It looks like I had it all wrong, and apparently my whole view of censorship is askew.

Side note:

This also came along with the announcement on the ban of “female ejaculation” being depicted in porn in Australia.

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Warm and Fuzzy

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I posted more photos after the jump (more…)

Kelltina Bundygate

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Kate Moss

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