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Roman Porno Icon: Naomi Tani

Posted in Uncategorized by acidsquid on November 18, 2009

Best known to most for her roles in some of Japan’s Roman Porno films of the 1970’s, Naomi Tani is one of the original icons best known for the genre.  She appeared in popular Roman Porno titles like “Flower & Snake” 1974, “Wife to be Sacrificed” (1974), and “Tattooed Flower Vase” (1976).

Read my review of “Tattooed Flower Vase” from TLARaw.com site after the jump…

Ms. Naomi Tani, Japanese “Roman Porno” queen, does what she does best in this traditional j-smut flick. Before all this digitalized vagina and computer-censored sleaze, there was Naomi. So natural, so fucking beautiful, and jeezus Christ does she have great fucking tits.

Tattooed Flower Vase is the epitome of mid-70’s Japanese erotic film. Jealousy, pseudo-incest and a ton of hot, hot scenes lace this film with everything that a lover of all things Pinku needs to fulfill his (or her) smutty little needs.

It’s pretty simple; Mrs. Yoshino (Naomi Tani) is a widowed, ex-kabuki dancer raising her teenage stepdaughter Takako, but then becomes engulfed in her own emotions and guilt. Five minutes into the film, there is an amazing scene where she is giving said stepdaughter a sponge bath leading into Takako grabbing and feeling upon the oh-so-soft breast of our leading lady. Remember, stepdaughter equals “not blood related”, which means it’s “a-o-fucking-k”. Anyhow, Takako gets hit by a car one evening, and starts a relationship with Hideo, the young man who was behind the wheel. Long story short they both want to fuck him, and spend the better part of this flick taking turns giving Mr. Lucky a little taste of their sweetness.

Yea, but where does the “tattoo” come into play? Hold your dicks, I’m getting there. By far the hottest scene in the whole movie is when Mrs. Yoshino decides to pay homage to her old Kabuki days and seeks out the help of a local tattoo artist to provide her with a huge tattoo depicting “The Legend of Dojoji” (watch the movie asshole). This turns into, at least the twenty hottest minutes of Pink film to date. Artistically shot, this sequence of sadistic scenes leaves you to wonder if she is getting tattooed, or having the best fuck of her life. There is an incredible shot of her getting inked and at the same time squeezing her amazing tits in attempt to ease the pain. After hour upon hour of getting tattooed, she falls asleep is awoken by the artist so that he can finish the job in the most sensitive of areas… yes; he lays the ink into the soft, white, outer lips of her pussy. No, you can’t see it… but trust me, you’ll get the idea.

With her new ink, Mrs. Yoshino takes on the form of a whole new woman and seduces young Mr. Hideo, leading into a face sitting, scissor-fucking extravaganza which will be interrupted by the pain in the ass stepdaughter. No worries, there is an awesome scene where mom is hidden away taking care of herself while her daughter is receiving some smooth deep dickin’. Weird, sure… oddly fucking sexy… YES!

Where is this all going you ask? Let me put it to you this way… only Japanese women can make suicide look so fucking hot.

— Acid Squid

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