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Springtime Hat-time

Posted in gear by acidsquid on April 19, 2009

Yesterday was by far the most amazing day of the this year yet.  Philadelphia hit an astonishing 77 degrees and the sun blazed all day long.  We were out-n-about mad early for coffee and food, then walked old city early in the afternoon.  Did lunch at Cuba Libre, well, we did Primo Mojitos.  I also copped a new springtime hat over at Sugarcube.  Sugarcube is by far one of the best and only places in this dank little village that you can cop up on your fashionable needs.  While the price tags may lie a little heavy on the wallet, it is well worth it.  I was excited to see a ton of men’s hats lining the store from Christy’s.  They were all pretty much priced at a very do-able $42. In a city laced with filthy New Era fitted caps everywhere, I figured I could do my part in breaking the cycle.  The only problem I had was which hat to pick, which means I will more than likely be taking a second trip back for another hat.

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