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Chinatown Thanksgivin’

Posted in drizz by acidsquid on November 23, 2007

So, we didn’t so much for Thanksgiving this year. Honestly, it was exactly what I needed. We got up this morning and took a walk to get coffee, then just walked around the city and enjoyed an empty Philly. It really is amazing how much more I like this city when there is no one in it. It’s like an urban ghost town whenever a major holiday hits. Just goes to show how many true Philly people live in center city. While everyone treks out to the surrounding burbs to get fucked up on tryptophan, we can simply enjoy a beautiful day off. Unfortunately, I do have to head back to work tomorrow and bear down the hell we all call “Black Friday”. I thankfully do not work in a traditional “retail” environment, dealing face to face with the public. Hopefully it will be quick and painless, and the weekend will be here once again.

For our Thanksgiving dinner, we went to Penang in our Chinatown. For those not familiar, Penang is a bangin’ Malaysian restaurant. We started off with two bottles of Tsing Tao, and two glasses of Malaysian iced coffee. We shared an appetizer of shrimp puffs. Meghan had a healthy portion of fried rice and salted fish, and I went big and did the sauteed frog. Everything was great, and we enjoyed a brisk walk home.

All that was left of my little frog friend…

Leaving the Arches…

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